XPRESS CHAI serves the most exotic combination of Chai and spreads love to all the Chai lovers out there. 
Want to be a part of this magic ? Join Us!
We are expanding and are looking for passionate and motivated entrepreneurs to grow with us. We offer incredible franchise opportunity to serve our Chai across the country with XC Kiosk and XC lounge options.


XPRESS CHAI is tea brand have our own signature which is blended by a productive Indian varieties. Unlike other tea companies, our focus is on serves happiness and good health by providing hygiene associated with our brand. Also we served homemade cookies dry cakes pastries. The blending processing is carried out by our expert Chefs who have been experienced of 10 years with Ritz Carlton and award Guinness world recording 2011 XPRESS CHAI focuses on all level of customers. It serves multicultural low, middle to high-end income customers. The combo of trained tea experts, high quality tea and a team of highly trained staff members ensures an unbeatable experience that makes people come back for more.

We offer incredible franchise opportunity to serve our Chai across the country with XC Kiosk and XC lounge options.
The XPRESS CHAI kiosk fits in any small location with a minimum space requirement of 100 - 200 SqFt. You will need one or two individuals, who can help in making and serving Chai to our customers. In this fast-paced world, XC kiosks can be located in busy areas like tech parks, petrol pump, airports, railway and metro stations, mall, commercial areas, movie theatres, high end streets etc.
XC lounge is more comfortable and relaxing with seating arrangements. Customers should be able to order from wherever they are sitting. Our plan for an XC lounge is a relaxing and upscale atmosphere where customers can connect with friends, meet with their colleagues, and enjoy with their family. XC lounge can be located in places like airports, shopping malls, high-end streets, petrol pump, tech park, prime locations of the city, next to premium B- Schools etc. The required space for XC Lounge is 400 - 800 SqFt.

The initial investment for kiosk model of 12 lakhs this includes setup cost and franchise cost and 1 lakh of refundable deposit. It also includes Lounge & Premium franchise cost of 5 lakhs and setup cost which depends on area of availability.

The Royalty fee is 5% of total paying of every month and first 2 month will be waved off. The Royalty fee which will be used for marketing assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and other benefits that come with being a XPRESS CHAI franchisee.

Initial assistance provided by XPRESS CHAI will include the following franchisee training programs:
Phase I — Training provided at a location designated by XPRESS CHAI: XPRESS CHAI management will provide franchisees with approximately 2 to 5 weeks of initial training at a location designated by the XPRESS CHAI Management.
Phase II — Training provided at the franchisee’s location: On-site training typically takes place when the franchisee commences operations. Experienced trainers from XPRESS CHAI will provide on-site training for a period of 1 week to assist the franchisee in the commencement of operations.

The initial term of the franchise agreement is three years from the date the franchise agreement is signed.

Simply complete the franchise application form and return it to us. Upon receiving the form we will contact you.


Request a brochure for the interested market.